Yapeswap Weekly Update — July 22nd

The following is an abbreviated account of the “Ask me anything” hosted by the Yapeswap dev team on 7/22/21

The meeting started by answering new members questions regarding where the project is in terms of development, gas issues, L2 integrations, and branding, then new discussion started.

  • New channels should be added — Medium and Telegram.
  • The NFT project was briefly discussed.
  • Francis suggested starting a new account specifically for driving traffic and being a more active account, while leaving the Yapeswap account to be used only for updates and news.
  • The possibility of changing the Lucy logo was brought up but we decided to stick with what we have for now while considering other options.

0xMayflower provided insight on the future needs of the project as far as development (these will be added to milestones on the Trello board)

  1. Frontend (typescript/react)
  2. Improving UX (writing subgraph & shipping more application)
  3. Writing Yearn strategy (solidity) => I think Yape devs should help Yearn serve competitive strategies
  4. Integrating Sushi trident (solidity)
  5. Shipping Yape for Optimism (solidity & knowledges about rollup)

The team discussed initial token pairs supported by Yapeswap, which will be mostly ETH/Stablecoins. We reviewed the idea of air dropping Yape emission to UNI, SUSHI, BAL. holders, etc, and distinguished again that these token are not supported for trading on Yapeswap, rather, we are distributing some emissions to holders of the AMM’s that we have built our platform off.

The Meeting/AMA resulted in the addition of 5 members to the core dev team:

  • Francis
  • StewieZoolights
  • 0xSumna
  • FrankCostanza
  • Jihoo

Yapeswap is a next generation AMM focused on maximizing capital efficiency for our liquidity providers